After photographing families on various beaches and farms over the past 6 years, I realized I wanted to try something a little different. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful state! I wanted to showcase the beauty of our state with your family as the focal point. Because our state is so large, I decided to focus on one of the most beautiful park systems in the world: the Olympic National Park.

All of these sessions will require a bit of a drive, the scenes are 1000% worth the trek! The three main locations I have focused on are as follows:

Hurricane Ridge

Family photography shoot at hurricane ridge

 Provides breathtaking mountain views. Many clients get there a bit early to hike and/or eat a picnic dinner before changing into photography clothes. The trail I like to use is not far off the parking lot- about a 10-15 minute walk so no serious hiking is required! If you choose to stay overnight after the session, you can camp (for the super adventurous) or the town of Port Angeles, WA is just at the bottom of the hill and you can find hotels and VRBO options.

Ruby Beach

family session at Ruby Beach WA

It is harder to imagine a more perfect PNW beach than Ruby Beach. With Abbey Island providing a filter for the setting sun, it is easy to create amazing images. Ruby Beach is about 30 minutes outside the town of Forks, WA (yes, that Forks of Twilight fame). If you choose to stay overnight after your session, Forks offers some hotels & VRBO options.

Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent is about 30 minutes outside of Port Angeles, WA. I have been there many times but I have never had a session there (yet!). Hurricane Ridge & Ruby Beach have been more popular choices but the lake is beautiful! So here is a photo of my sweet pup Loa at the lake since I don’t have any client photos to show. You can be the first session there 🙂

family session at lake crescent wa


Beyond these three spots, I am open to many more. So if you are interested in a beautiful backdrop that isn’t listed here, shoot me an email at I LOVE to travel and see new places!