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It is always so fun for me to get to see families year after year. Last time I was in this cute house, it was for big sis’s newborn photos. Newborn photoshoots with solo babies have a totally different feel than newborn photoshoots with multiple kiddos. I love the energy of both. With solo babies, there is a calmness and also an underlying level of anxiety from the new mom and dad- they are still getting to know this new little person. With siblings present, parents have been through this before. They know that babies are not as fragile as they imagined their first baby was. They laugh a lot more at the antics of trying to get photos with the new baby and their siblings.  This newborn boy was a great sport!

This little lady was quite excited to have a brand new brother. She was also very busy showing me all of her toys. As a photographed her brother on the bed, she ran back and forth from me to her room bringing me all her favorite things. It took us about 30 minutes to convince her it would be a good idea to get on the bed and snuggle. She was so hilarious about it. When a toddler catches wind of what you are trying to get them to do, they become masters of the opposite! This might stress parents out, but it never bothers me! I love their energy and it becomes a challenge to see if I can get them to cooperate- which I usually always can.

Part of the success of these shoots are the parent expectations. If you think your 2 or 3 year old will willingly sit on the bed and hold your infant with a smile on their face, you might be disappointed (it does happen though!).  Most likely we will get about 6 seconds of interaction! My goal as the artist to make sure that action happens in pretty light and that I am there to capture it. I really do hope parents will just sit back and enjoy these hilarious moments.

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